I have worked as a specialist in one-to-one, group and organisational learning, consulting to individuals, teams, whole organisations, Management Boards and Trustees in a wide range of settings for more than 30 years.

I am interested in the interplays between individual and systemic forces, and the ways these clash with and are expressed by the ‘artefacts’ of institutional life. 

Personal, interpersonal and institutional lives unfold not only within embodied, emotional environments:  their stories also play out in powerful socio-economic and political domains, shaped by world histories and cultural norms.  These contexts produce wide-ranging impacts, above and below the surface, which unsettle and reassure, obstruct and facilitate, disorient and locate people at work.

Narratives of ‘sameness and difference’ affect us all.  Dramatic conflicts as well as opportunities for inventive change can be found everywhere, within us and around us.  We often get stuck until we can open up creative possibility with another person. 

I currently provide:

  • One-to-one consultation and individual supervision 

  • Reflective Practice Groups

  • Critical Management Reading Groups

 Get in touch via my contact page to see if I can help you with challenges in the workplace.

Tel: 020 8402 8402