Psychotherapy offers a way of learning about ourselves, about what makes it difficult for us to live, providing insights which help us “live forward and understand backwards”.  Therapy is a regular protected space each week in which you are invited to share with your therapist what is in your mind.  Her task is to ‘be there’ — to stand alongside — to listen carefully to all that you bring and to work together with you to ‘see’ you, and understand together something of what gets in your way.  This can help you reduce or remove obstacles to living. 

What might we want at the end of psychotherapy?

“…to have a sense of self that you can stay with rather than run away from.” 

David Morgan, Psychoanalyst

If you wish to explore the possibility of weekly psychotherapy with me, please get in touch to discuss further.  We may meet face-to-face to think more about whether psychotherapy is right for you, and whether we are able to work together.  If not, I may be able to refer you someone who may be more able to meet your needs.

My fees are negotiable according to your circumstances; but typically fall in the range £40-75 per 50 minute session. A preliminary consultation over one or two meetings (for which a single flat rate is charged) will help us understand more about you and your concerns, and to decide whether to agree further work together.

My consulting room in Beckenham

All sessions missed by you are charged because your session time is reserved.  I invoice in arrears; and do not charge when I am unavailable to meet you (for example, during summer breaks, Christmas and Easter holidays or other exceptional circumstances).

Tel: 020 8402 8402